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Dufferin County calls Open Public Meeting to discuss the Dufferin County Forest. Details as follows - Be there! Be Nice!


 June 17, 7:00 pm at the Mel Lloyd Centre Auditorium in Shelburne

Election Time - Find out which candidate is best for us?

The attached link will direct you to a form letter that you can copy and paste into an email to be sent all of your local candidates.

 election letter

The second link may help you find out who your local candidates are.



Forest Status

All riding areas are open!

Dufferin County Forest - As you may know the DFC has been off limits to off road motorcycles since 1995. OFTR has been involved in the new forest management plan and has submitted a proposal for re-introduction of ORMs. The following links show the plan and the proposal. Please take a moment to comment favourably on the OFTR Proposal.




Event Status

 SCORRA New Members Ride Postponed

 Rescheduled for May 31st




Great Video
Larry and the BMA tells it like it is

The Royal's Go Dirt Biking

Prince William and Prince Harry set out across Africa on Honda CRF's


Checkout our Newsletter about the Bayside Trailblazers...READ MORE

New Members of the Board of Directors
OFTR would like to thank departing Board members Mark Nastasiuk, Francis McDermott, Scott Ramsay and Toni Sharpless for all their contributions over the past year.

We are also welcoming Bob Kendall, Art Ash, Dallas Shannon, James Simzer and Robert Perkins to the 2014 OFTR Board of Directors.

Returning Board members are Dave Millier, Brian Knechtel, Rob King and Paul Trethewey. Warren Thaxter and Eric McSweeney return as OFTR Advisors.

New Traction E-Rag Hits the News Stand!Go to http://tractionerag.ca/ for your free copy

OFTR TRAILER STOLENSee link for details